Products based on NETSHe

NETSHe is a set of software for embedded systems, such as network devices ( routers, network gateways, CPEs, firewalls, access points, switches ), network storages and industrial systems. NETSHe is available as firmware for different SBCs and (or) as prebuilt software package set for some Debian-based distributives.

NETSHe as a product

We treat NETSHe like a product and ready to sell as source codes, build system and so on as well as to do required onboarding.
Please contact us to get detailed info.

NETSHe Virtual Router

We provide NETSHe Virtual Router as .vmdk image for virtualization systems for free for non-commercial use.
This product can be used to evaluate NETSHe, for education purposes in network simulators like GNS3 (appliance is available too) and to use as a full-fledged router.

NETSHe-based firmware for different hardware

We are ready to customize NETSHe and (or) to build custom firmware for specified hardware,
Please contact us to get detailed info.

Netrowk components and software from NETSHe or from scratch

We are ready to sell (e.g. Ethernet over PPP (BCP)) or develop software by requests.
Please contact us to get detailed info.