Introduction to NETSHe

The unit deals with main features and functions of NETSHe, its system requirements, ways and methods of its installation. NETSHe is a set of software for embedded systems, such as network devices ( routers, network gateways, CPEs, firewalls, access points, switches ), network storages and industrial systems. NETSHe is available as firmware for different SBCs and (or) as prebuilt software package set for some Debian-based distributives. Software are built around the following features:

Main idea of NETSHe

The main idea of NETSHe is to provide a user with a considerable number of functions managed through web and (or) well-known command line interfaces. Effective web-interface management reduces requirements to the user`s qualifications, which subsequently results in reducing the total cost of ownership. At the same time, NETSHe provides well-known patterns of command line interface to save time and cost for migration between products with Cisco-like CLI and NETSHe. NETSHe is general-purpose software functioning on numerous hardware platforms. For all these platforms NETSHe provides a general-purpose feature set and a general management interface, that also reduces total cost of ownership. Introduction of the functional which is not available in the analogs is another substantial contribution of NETSHe.

Primary features of NETSHe

NETSHe has the following features:

NETSHe layout in brief

NETSHe uses modified build system, kernel and a lot of packages from OpenWRT snapshots ( with the addition/replacement of some original software packages (NETSHe web-interface, in particular; configuration subsystem and so on) and some modified software packages. It is not true that NETSHe can be installed instead of OpenWRT and OpenWRT can be installed instead of NETSHe using sysupgrade process meantime, some hardware platforms that have support for both OS can be upgradable.

It should be noted that NETSHe is not compatible with OpenWRT: