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11.10.1 BGP Extended Community Lists

Expanded Community Lists is a user defined BGP Expanded Community Lists.

Command: ip extcommunity-list standard name {permit|deny} extcommunity

This command defines a new standard extcommunity-list. extcommunity is extended communities value. The extcommunity is compiled into extended community structure. We can define multiple extcommunity-list under same name. In that case match will happen user defined order. Once the extcommunity-list matches to extended communities attribute in BGP updates it return permit or deny based upon the extcommunity-list definition. When there is no matched entry, deny will be returned. When extcommunity is empty it matches to any routes.

Command: ip extcommunity-list expanded name {permit|deny} line

This command defines a new expanded extcommunity-list. line is a string expression of extended communities attribute. line can include regular expression to match extended communities attribute in BGP updates.

Command: no ip extcommunity-list name
Command: no ip extcommunity-list standard name
Command: no ip extcommunity-list expanded name

These commands delete extended community lists specified by name. All of extended community lists shares a single name space. So extended community lists can be removed simpley specifying the name.

Command: show ip extcommunity-list
Command: show ip extcommunity-list name

This command display current extcommunity-list information. When name is specified the community list’s information is shown.

# show ip extcommunity-list