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3.3 Common Invocation Options

These options apply to all Quagga daemons.


Runs in daemon mode.

-f file

Set configuration file name.


Display this help and exit.

-i file

Upon startup the process identifier of the daemon is written to a file, typically in /var/run. This file can be used by the init system to implement commands such as …/init.d/zebra status, …/init.d/zebra restart or …/init.d/zebra stop.

The file name is an run-time option rather than a configure-time option so that multiple routing daemons can be run simultaneously. This is useful when using Quagga to implement a routing looking glass. One machine can be used to collect differing routing views from differing points in the network.

-A address

Set the VTY local address to bind to. If set, the VTY socket will only be bound to this address.

-P port

Set the VTY TCP port number. If set to 0 then the TCP VTY sockets will not be opened.

-u user

Set the user and group to run as.


Print program version.