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7.9 Traffic Engineering

OSPF Command: mpls-te on
OSPF Command: no mpls-te

Enable Traffic Engineering LSA flooding.

OSPF Command: mpls-te router-address <A.B.C.D>
OSPF Command: no mpls-te

Configure stable IP address for MPLS-TE. This IP address is then advertise in Opaque LSA Type-10 TLV=1 (TE) option 1 (Router-Address).

OSPF Command: mpls-te inter-as area <area-id>|as
OSPF Command: no mpls-te inter-as

Enable RFC5392 suuport - Inter-AS TE v2 - to flood Traffic Engineering parameters of Inter-AS link. 2 modes are supported: AREA and AS; LSA are flood in AREA <area-id> with Opaque Type-10, respectively in AS with Opaque Type-11. In all case, Opaque-LSA TLV=6.

Command: show ip ospf mpls-te interface
Command: show ip ospf mpls-te interface interface

Show MPLS Traffic Engineering parameters for all or specified interface.

Command: show ip ospf mpls-te router

Show Traffic Engineering router parameters.