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1.3 Supported Platforms

Currently Quagga supports GNU/Linux and BSD. Porting Quagga to other platforms is not too difficult as platform dependent code should most be limited to the zebra daemon. Protocol daemons are mostly platform independent. Please let us know when you find out Quagga runs on a platform which is not listed below.

The list of officially supported platforms are listed below. Note that Quagga may run correctly on other platforms, and may run with partial functionality on further platforms.

Versions of these platforms that are older than around 2 years from the point of their original release (in case of GNU/Linux, this is since the kernel’s release on may need some work. Similarly, the following platforms may work with some effort:

Also note that, in particular regarding proprietary platforms, compiler and C library choice will affect Quagga. Only recent versions of the following C compilers are well-tested: