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4.5 zebra Route Filtering

Zebra supports prefix-list and route-map to match routes received from other quagga components. The permit/deny facilities provided by these commands can be used to filter which routes zebra will install in the kernel.

Command: ip protocol protocol route-map routemap

Apply a route-map filter to routes for the specified protocol. protocol can be any or one of system, kernel, connected, static, rip, ripng, ospf, ospf6, isis, bgp, hsls.

Route Map: set src address

Within a route-map, set the preferred source address for matching routes when installing in the kernel.

The following creates a prefix-list that matches all addresses, a route-map that sets the preferred source address, and applies the route-map to all rip routes.

ip prefix-list ANY permit le 32
route-map RM1 permit 10
     match ip address prefix-list ANY
     set src

ip protocol rip route-map RM1