Wireless TDMA

NETSHe Lab Ltd. presents time division multiply access (TDMA) for ordinary 802.11a/b/g/n hardware.

TDMA is implemented as standard Linux wireless stack extension. Modified wireless stack is fully backward compatible with unmodified stack. All wireless chips which are supported by ath5k, ath9k drivers, are supported too. TDMA support is possible for any wireless chips which have drivers for mac80211 stack.

Goal TDMA advantages are (in comparison with the standard CSMA/CA):

- TDMA does not provide throughput degradation under the traffic pressure
- TDMA has better scalability at increase in numbers of nodes in a network
- Predicable latency and jitter

TDMA is introduced for:

- Carrier's backhaul
- Access network
- Specialized wireless networks with latency, jitter or throughput sensitive applications
- Long distance links

Various network topologies can be build with TDMA-powered nodes:

- MESH-network
- Point to Point (P2P)
- Point to Multi Point (P2MP)

Important TDMA features are listed below:

- Configurable time-slot sizes from 6 milliseconds
- 802.11n features are supported (except A-MPDU)
- Built-in A-MSDU (frame aggregation) implementation for all modes and ll hardware
- Adaptive bitrate and retransmission support.
- Built-in frame compression
- Traffic encryption support
- 2.5/5/10/20/40 MHz channel widths for all modes
- Channel shifting with 1MHz step
- mesh networking support (through Batman_adv)

NETSHe Lab Ltd. offers flexible licenses for TDMA:

- Soure codes of modified linux wireless stack (http://www.netshe.ru/wirelessstack)
- Wireless drivers and stack in a binary form for the specified Linux kernel version (http://www.netshe.ru/wirelessstack)
- Custom firmwares (with NETSHe) (http://www.netshe.ru/netshe)

Brief implementation overview exists at http://www.netshe.ru/files/doc/en/TDMA_brief_en.pdf

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